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Commercial Law and Corporate
Our office has a experience in the field of commercial law issues and commercial companies, for example, but limited to start-up companies and registered record economic and trade departments and chambers of commerce and drafting contracts and constituent accounts and bank guarantees and the agencies and commercial actual liquidation.
Real Estate Law
Office team has extensive experience in real estate sufficient issues where the real estate sector represents the most important pillars of the national economy of the Unite Arab emirates, for example, the sale of properties and contracts for construction contracts and annulment cases and refunds, agreements and mortgage finance & real estate development.
As well as the drafting of leases and the evacuation of the leased property and claim the rental value.
Civil Law
Office provides legal services in the civil courts by lawyers and consultants specialize in this field.
Labour Law
We offer legal services in the preparation of employment contracts and the representation of our clients in labour disputes such as the collection of salaries, rather than leave dues, end of service benefits and compensation for unfair dismissal and instead of notice dues and the receipt of passport.
Personal Status
We have in-depth experience in the conflicts of personal status such as marriage, divorce, khola, alimony, custody, paternity.
Insurance Law
Our office has a team of skilled enough in the insurance issues such as compensation of injuries, death, property and cars.
Legal Consulting
The office provides legal consulting service in all fields so as to stand on his client's knowledge and its legal status and how to protect their rights and collect dues.
Criminal Law
Protection of personal liberty of our legal duties as offer attendance service in front of the police, prosecutors and provide legal advice to the client that enables him to protect his rights and personal freedom of any attack.
Aviation and Maritime Law
Our office drafting contracts and deal with compensation for damage and delays and losses along the goods and marine insurance issues.
Contract and Agreements Drafting
Our office offers the drafting of contracts and agreements service.
Intellectual Property
Our office provides registration of trademarks and resolve all disputes that result in service.
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Our Services
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